Heated storage of high-quality steel products

Haeger & Schmidt Logistics develops new, innovative and tailor-made
storage and logistics solutions for your steel products

m 2

Storage area of over 9,000 sqm with dimensions of 210 to 45 m

9,000 sqm for your steel products: We have enough space for your goods at our new location. This enables us to meet your needs flexibly.

Storage capacity

Not only does our new steel warehouse have a large area, but also a correspondingly large capacity: We can store up to 60,000 t of your steel products at our site – and with our trimodal connection, ensure that your goods are delivered, transhipped and forwarded smoothly.

0.000 t

Overhead crane with
a load capacity of 40 t

Our overhead crane allows even the heaviest of goods to be transhipped in our steel warehouse. With a load capacity of 40 t, it is ideally suited for heavy tasks.

Floor heating prevents frost and condensation

We employ an innovative and resource-saving method to heat our state-of-the-art steel warehouse. With our floor heating, we ensure that your products are not exposed to frost or condensation and are protected from the weather while waiting for their onward transport.

Truck loading bays with 6 ramps for speedy transhipment

Our truck loading bays with six ramps allows fast stuffing and stripping of general purpose containers.

Indoor block train handling possible due to 500 m of rails

With the aid of two half-train tracks with a total length of 500 m, we can handle block trains directly in our steel warehouse – thus for rail shipments we can load and unload your goods protected from the weather.

Weather-protected water connection through connection to the existing hall

Our trimodal connection allows weather-protected storage and handling of your goods. During storage and retrieval via ship, your goods are safely processed by coil ferry through our existing hall (projecting over the water).

Trimodal connection at the world's largest inland port

At our location in Duisburg, which is the largest inland port in the world, goods can be delivered, transhipped and forwarded by ship, rail and road.

Truck forecourt with self-handling reception

In addition to the truck loading bays with six ramps, a truck forecourt with self-handling reception is under construction at our new administration building to enable speedy and efficient loading and unloading. As an additional service there are also lounges for drivers in the new administration building.